Strategic Planning Programs for Funders of Nonprofits


Group Strategic Planning Training and Coaching Program

Who is it for?
Leaders of public and private foundations and government agency staff that want to significantly build the capacity of small nonprofits in their region or sector.

Program Summary
We will partner with your foundation/agency to provide a three-month strategic planning training program to a group (cohort) of leaders from at least eight small nonprofits (under $500K annual revenue).  

Benefits to Your Organization
For a fraction of the cost for most strategic planning initiatives, your foundation or agency will significantly build the capacity and strengthen the impact of your community of small nonprofits.

What You’ll Get
Your organization will get:

  • An easy process to onboard organizations into the cohort

  • A replicable program that you can run with your grantees each year, if desired

  • A report provided about grantee execution (6 months, 1 year, and 2 years after the program starts)

Each organization in the program will get:

  • A working strategic plan in just one day

  • Group coaching throughout program

  • A set of worksheets and assessments to guide you through the process

  • A replicable four-step strategic planning system that you can implement indefinitely

  • One year of access to proprietary strategic planning software

  • Relationships and support from a network of nonprofit leaders


Yes, through group coaching

Money Back Guarantee


$3500 - $4500 per organization (Cohorts are a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 organizations)


What are the benefits to engaging with Mission Met?

  • You get a turn-key training program for the organizations you support (grantees, members, peer organizations)

  • Reports showing the improvement and impact of the organizations (before the program and for 2 years after completion)

  • Demonstrably building capacity and resiliency within organizations

  • The program’s cohort model reinforces joint solution finding and building an inter-connected and mutually dependent community of organizations

  • Multiple pricing models - we make it easy to deliver a program that best supports your organizations

What organizations is our program good for?

All small nonprofits could benefit from a simple strategic planning process — in fact, the most successful organizations have a strong commitment to engaging in an ongoing strategic planning process and attitude of execution. Organizations who are experiencing significant transition are particularly benefited, such as:

  • New Executive Director

  • Struggling to fundraise effectively

  • Shifting of programmatic focus

  • Significant funding source changes

  • Increase in staffing

  • Turnover in board leadership

  • Needing to develop a succession plan


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your strategic planning program only for nonprofit organizations?
Yes, we only serve small nonprofit organizations.

What is the typical cost of a “traditional strategic plan” for a small nonprofit?
Traditional strategic planning is $5,000 to $20,000. The cost largely depends on the consultant’s level of engagement on the project, the depth of an environmental scan, the amount of facilitation, the strategic advice provided, the experience of your facilitator, and the outputs of their engagement. It can be a lot to wade through and often relies heavily on the facilitator or consultant to own the process.

Our training program, software, and group coaching is $3,500-$4,500 per organization, with a typical cohort being 12 organizations.